Pictures create lasting memories

Pictures create lasting memories

Life is full of special moments. In this world of social media with millions of images shared online every day have photographs lost their impact?


Think about it, every time you check your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter you are bombarded with images of people’s dinner, dreams or dramas.


But it is the studied images, that someone has taken time and effort over that really stop you in your tracks.


Images that capture special moments from a different angle and seem to effortlessly capture a moment in time.


The great photographs convey emotion and allow the viewer to connect directly with the image in front of them.


As professional photographers, our passion is capturing the unexpected and telling a story through a single image.


For us it really is true what they say – a picture is worth a thousand words.


Whether that is a new image on the front page of the paper or an engagement shot of a loving couple that captures their utter joy at starting a life together.


Photographs can bring us all back to treasured memories and evoke a whole range of emotions for the viewer.


Of course every individual and family has different special moments, but there are a few important moments that we’ve caught on film and our clients seem have treasured being able to look back on.


Capturing a wedding for instance you see all of the joy, pride and sometimes sadness of the couple and their guests as they share in the day.


We also work with couples to capture their engagement shoots. These are a great way to capture the start of your journey together. It also allows you to get comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera ahead of the big day.


Another stage of life to capture is when a newborn baby comes along. Those first few weeks with the little one might be sleep-deprived for you, but are also a great time to capture memories of the baby before they quickly grow.


And then of course, as your family grows to mark the changes with beautiful photographs is a way to keep those memories forever.


These special moments can be fleeting and try as we might we cannot always hold onto them. But that is exactly where photography comes in.


Taking pictures allows you to keep hold of those memories for a little bit longer.


A professional photographer comes alive when they get to push themselves creatively and capture a moment that no one else sees.


There’s something special about capturing an image that transports you back to the very moment it was taken.


And in these candid moments, the magic really happens when emotions are captured on film and memories are created.


While the popularity of photo albums may have been replaced with digital albums, we all still experience that same joy at seeing an image from the past.


We may be looking at pictures on our screens more than ever but we all still love to capture and hold onto our important memories.

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