Foods to Serve at a Wedding

Foods to Serve at a Wedding

Foods to Serve at a Wedding

Aside from how the bride looked at her wedding day, the one thing most talked about over the years to come is the food at the wedding. Don’t underestimate the power of the food which you put at the tables for your guests to eat. It may seem trivial, but the food actually sets the mood for the entire event. Delicious food will put the guests in a cheerful and energetic mood, enabling them to participate with vigour in the event and make it a lot livelier. On the other hand, a dull meal will surely turn the entire atmosphere gloomy. Under no circumstances should you present your guests with a course which is unappealing in look or in taste.

We’ve prepared a short list of foods which are sure to impress your guests and turn your wedding day into a major success and a memorable occasion which will give plenty of nostalgic moments to you later on when you reflect back to it in the future.

Chocolate Cookies

chocolate cookies

This idea may not sound very attractive, but trust us. Just have a surplus of these cookies at every table and watch them slowly disappear as your guests unconsciously continue to eat them on at a time. Make sure you select cookies which are delicious and fresh for maximum effects.


Your appetisers need to be something outstanding and colorful. Something which is light and doesn’t fill up the guests’ stomachs before the main course arrives, but is still great to taste. The main appetisers which we’ve selected are:

1.      Fresh Prawn Rolls

fresh prawn rolls

This dish is nice and colorful, and captures the attention of anyone that looks. It doesn’t hurt that this appetiser tastes good too, and will certainly be a good contender.

2.      Spicy Beef Salad

spicy beef salad

Depending on your guests, this one could potentially be a big hit. It’s definitely worth the risk, as this appetiser doesn’t lack anything in the taste department.

Main course

1.      Crispy Salmon

crispy salmon

No one will be able to turn down this mouth-watering cuisine. As long as it’s cooked properly, this one has the potential to be the linchpin of the whole event.

2.      Pan fried Chicken breast

pan fried chicken breast

This does sound a little unconventional, but are you going for something which matches with the crowd or something outstanding which your guests agree with? This dish is stunning when it comes to taste, and will leave your guests completely satisfied.

3.      Stuffed beef ribs with Yorkshire pudding

stuffed beef ribs with yorkshire sauce

Prepare to amaze your guests with the delight of a main course. The smell of this dish will be enough to have your guests all over it. There’s no way you can go wrong with this one.

One thing you need to make sure is that your caterer is qualified to cook these dishes properly as some skill can be required to cook them right. Look for a caterer with some great feedback, and with some good wine, you’ll have the perfect wedding.

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